Flow Model device

Flow Model device
1- I need you to create your Own model device using autoCad – only concept figures are needed ( you could see the two samples paper I have)
2- after you have your concept figure with your ideas. Double space the document. Your report should contain the following sections. Use the section titles indicated in bold.
• INTRODUCTION (less than 150 words)
The introduction should provide the following information
o What is this document and why was it written (context)?
o What is the problem (a problem statement)?
o A summary of what is contained in the rest of the document? (not the description of
your concept, but the fact that there is a description given.)
• CONCEPT: (drawings plus about 400 words)
The concept section should include a complete and detailed description of the concept proposed that includes at least two computer-generated drawings.

your model and text should be about the following :

The goal is to design, fabricate and test a device that will “transport” up to about 4000. plastic BBs (TSD Competition Grade: diameter of 6 mm and mass of 0.20 grams each; available on line, e.g., Amazon and Ebay) from one initial container and divide them equally into two receiving containers (i.e., an equal number of BBs into each of the receiving containers). At least half of the BBs placed in the initial container must end up in the receiving containers. There must be a minimum of 1000. BBs in the initial container at the start. The two receiving containers must be at least 12.0 inches, horizontally, from the initial container, i.e., a gap of at least 12.0 inches between the initial container and either of the two receiving containers. En route the BBs must elevate from their initial level at least 12.0 inches at some point. The time between the initial release and the time that first BB enters either of the two receiving containers should be as close to 10 seconds as possible. The total time allowed for the process is 20.0 seconds. The requirement is to transport at least half of the initially loaded BBs into the receiving containers while conforming to the space and operations requirements stated in this document. The device must fit (and remain) within a 2.0’ x 2.0’ x 3.0’ space and weigh less than 10.0 pounds without the BBs. The measure of performance is calculated by a Figure of Merit equation (as defined in the Final Testing Section) that prefers lighter, timely and higher capacity devices that separate the BBs equally into the receiving containers without losing any of the BBs during the process.
All materials will be supplied by the team except the BBs used for the official testing, i.e., the team will need to obtain BBs for any practice runs before the official testing. (Teams may want to get together and share the cost and the BBs.) There is no restriction on the type of energy used, but there can be no external energy source, i.e., the energy source must be part of the device. Designs using gravitational energy will be viewed more favorably than those using other forms of energy. Devices using stored “mechanical” energy, e.g., springs, will be viewed second most favorably. Further, if multiple forms of energy are used, the greater the proportion of gravitational and/or mechanical energy the better. Batteries are allowed, but chemical explosions are not. Devices that use “excessive” energy, e.g., produce excessive velocities, will be penalized or possibly disqualified. Safety is of utmost importance, both to the people constructing and operating the device, and to those observing its operation. “Unsafe” devices will be disqualified, and “safe” devices will be rated higher than those judged to be less safe.
Teams must surrender their devices immediately after the Final Testing for evaluation. A brochure is also required at that time. An extended abstract descripting the project is required at the end of the semester. Further information on the constraints, goals and evaluation processes are given in this document.
The rest of the information are in the attachment.

you will get some ideas, however YOU CANT USE THEIR MODEL. IT MUST BE NEW MODEL.

AFTER DRAWIG THE MODEL IN AUTOCAD. attach the concept figures with the text in MICROSOFT WORD file, just exactly like the sample paper.


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