Flow charting

Flow charting

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Explain the difference between source code and machine code. Explain the difference between an interpreter and a compiler. Are there any advantages/disadvantages related to using an interpreted programming language over a compiled language? Create a flowchart and the corresponding pseudocode to explain any one of the following three tasks to someone who has never experienced that task before. ordering a hamburger buying concert tickets online baking a cake .

2: Case Analysis – Segway

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Read and analyze the case Segway: A Unique Personal Transportation Device.

The Product Manager for the Segway Personal Transportation Device and need to determine what its market potential is.

What questions do you need to answer?
What types of research will you perform? What internal and external sources will you utilize? Why? What will you do with the data outputs?
Examine the macro-environment, what does it tell about the potential for the Segway?
What mistakes and pitfalls could have been avoided if your research plan had been implemented?
Create a 3-year forecast for Segway based on current market conditions. Explain your methodology and defend your reasoning.

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