Financial Market Development and Economic Growth

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Chinese Financial Market Analysis
Submission Deadline
Submission Deadline: 13th December 2016, by 3:00pm

Produce a paper (around 2200, typed, 1.5 spaced and with Times New Roman fonts size 12) which examines contemporary academic research and actual business practice relating various issues in the Chinese financial markets: (where applicable) on one of the following topics. (You can choose your own work, but must get my permission first in order to stay on track). Please submit the coursework in one hard copy to the Service Centre and an electronic copy via Moodle by the deadline.

1. Financial Market Development and Economic Growth: the Case of China
2. To What Extent the Chinese Stock Markets are Efficient?
3. The Testing of CAPM for the Chinese Stock Markets
4. Why the Chinese Bond Market is Underdeveloped?
5. Costs and Benefits of Cross Listing: the Case of China
6. The Impact of the Introduction of Financial Derivatives on the Chinese Financial Markets
7. Integration between Chinese Stock Markets and International Stock Markets

Helping tips for a successful writing of coursework:

1. Explanation of the importance of your topic to decision making, strategy or problem solving

2. Relevant principles and/or theory should be specifically related and applied to practice and supported by contemporary examples

3. The review should adopt the format and style of a research paper, and include introduction, conclusions and recommendations as appropriate

4. The application of analytical, research, evaluative and financial skills;

5. Usage (and citation) of contemporary research is particularly important. Suitable references to the quotations offered – the quality, quantity and format of the references used

6. Work appropriate to masters/year 4 level in depth, maturity and quality

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