Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

Paper details:

You will find all relevant infos in the prepared folders.
would like to get a progressive delivery option, with a short feedback about the project ASAP and then a first draw on Tuesday. (after that all 3 days)

Further infos:

For Matlab: Use the way given in the practical and not the financial add-in

– Please provide stage by stage screenshots for both projects, in order to add to the appendix

-Make in-comments in Matlab (what you did)

-Use a good but still simple (British) English (I am not native)

-Target mark 80% and more
For the financial forcasting paper you will have to download the date from the oecd site and choose one additional country..
please take switzerland if possible
and on the first step where you have to replicate the results.. logically the results have to be the same as on the paper.. so you can check if it is right done
the needed paper for the financial forcasting is online
you can just google for it

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