Financial Anayalsis: Case Study

Financial Anayalsis: Case Study

Project description
Using the Case study found in the text, beginning on page 343, University of Never Land, address the following questions in paper format (meaning provide the introduction, content, conclusion, references, etc):

1. Based on all the information that you have reviewed to date about UNL, what is your five-year projection for the athletic department? What steps would you take to correct any perceived problems or maintain growth? Assume that expenses will grow at 5% on average and that revenue will grow at 3%. Also, assume that you want to follow the goals set forth by the consultant and that you might have to change revenues and expenses accordingly. Thus, you will need to develop a budget for five years down the road.

Remember to use proper APA formatting and all writing should be in third person. Make sure to include the title page and reference page. If APA format is not followed, a point deduction will occur. Provide at least 3 references for the assignment.

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