Financial Analysis For Managers Assignment July 2015

Financial Analysis For Managers Assignment July 2015

Project description
You can find all the required instructions on the below link.Please make sure to follow the Marking grid for students paper which can be found in the below zip file in order to complete this assignment.Also please make sure to write all the calculation in the appendix .The reference number can be changed and it should not be exactly 12 ,If required it can be more but not too much .

please be informed that the writer can evaluate the volume of work that required for this assignment and he can add more pages if required since the appendix is also included .Before adding pages the writer should get my approval for extra pages/payment.

This link include:
1.Assignment paper
2.Marking grid for students
3.Annual reports of Carrefour and Tescofor the 3 years ended 2014
4.Class Material(All the presentations which have been given by the instructor in the class and can be used to do this assignment)

This assignment will be based on real data which can be taken primarily from the annual reports ofCarrefour and Tescofor the 3 years ended 2014. Full copies of bothannual financial reports can be accessed through their web pages and are copied for your information on Moodle.
The success of food retailing has been very much at the forefront of business news, with major food retailers employing multi format and multi-channel approaches as a way of gaining and maintaining their competitive advantage.
During 2014 Carrfour opened more than 750 new stores worldwide with their store base expanding by 457,000 sq. m during the year. Currently Carrefour has 1,459 hypermarkets, 3,115 supermarkets,6,111 convenience stores and 175 cash & carry stores.
Tescos strategy has been developed to drive sustainable growth throughthree priorities: continuing to invest ina strong UK business, establishing multichannelleadership in all ofour markets and pursuing disciplinedinternational growth.

You have been appointed as a financial analyst for the food retailing industry to conduct a comparative analysis on these two food retailing giants. You are required to submit a professionally produced report which should include a detailed analysis of the following areas:-
(e)Horizontal common size analysis (using 2011 as a base)
(f)Vertical common size analysis (using total assets as a base)
(g)The evaluation of performance of business units in either Tesco or Carrefour using financial and non-financial measures
(h)Conclusions and Recommendations
You should state any assumptions made and you are not required to comment on the investment performance of neither Tesco nor Carrefour.
Please make sure you are aware of the rules regarding plagiarism. Whilst we encourage you to discuss ideas and issues with your colleagues, the final piece of work must be entirely your own.

A sample of students may be selected to come and present their work in a 15 minute question and answer session with one or more members of the postgraduate council
Assessment Criteria (marking scheme is attached for your reference)

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