Finance study guide

Finance study guide

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Please Read Gapenski, Chapter 1, Introduction to Healthcare Finance Gapenski, Chapter 2,

The Financial Environment Gapenski, Chapter 3, Financial Accounting, pgs. 69-83. Gapenski,

Chapter 4, The Balance Sheet, pgs. 109-127.

Chapter 3, The Income Statement, pgs. 83-95 Gapenski,

Chapter 3, The Statement of Changes in Equity, only pgs. 95 – 103

Gapenski, Chapter 4, The Statement of Cash Flows, only pgs.127 – 139 Gapenski,

Chapter 5, Cost Behavior and Profit Analysis Gapenski,

Chapter 7, Pricing and Service Decisions Gapenski,

Chapter 8, Planning and Budgeting

include important details and definitions as well! Please you arrange chapters in order as I will be using it as A STUDY GUIDE and for My open book exam. Please DO NOT write an ESSAY. Please write as points and sub points. Also include Definitions and formulas.

Use to get the e-book username: [email protected] pass: 12345678. The book you should use is ( Healthcare finance : Introduction to healthcare finance). Please be aware there is another book with the cases but do NOT have to worry about it.

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