final report of internship

final report of internship

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this is Final internship report, I am taking an internship at SARA GROUP HOLDING IN ALKUBAR and you have to write this report in details about what happened during my internship period, its ok you can take the information from the website of Sara Group holding or call them to ask about any information if you didn’t fined the info you can create anything any tasks and responsibilities that I took in the internship. you are required to provide a scholarly written report of the achievement of learning objectives, you have to put mission and vision of this company, I will attach the guideline and the internship information. also you have to do a PowerPoint presentation about what you talked in the report b. And you have to do 6 weekly LOG I will post sample of the Log

please check and read everything
my company is sara group holding whish is located in alkoubar Saudi Arabia
supervisor name : Ali kazem ALabdulataif
THESE ara Group of Companies are:

» Sara Corporation
» Paris Gallery
» Sara United Advertising
» Sara GMC
» Sara Regional
» Sara Emirates

Final Report of Internship

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Mission Statement: OUR MISSION is to offer consumers exceptional products of the highest international quality, which contribute to an improved life-style.
Vision: Our prime OBJECTIVE, consistent with our mission and business philosophy, is to ensure long-term, profitable growth and development of the Brands that we Market.
Efficiency is an important part of any organization. This is because for an organization that is keen on making monetary profits, no time should be wasted on irrelevant actions and processes that only cost the company more money. Consequently, any organization looking to make more money must be keen on establishing efficiency. While efficiency is critical, the HR department of any company is arguably the engine of the said company. This is because the HR department controls the workforce of the organization. In order to ensure that the organization achieves efficiency, the HR department must structure itself in such a way that the workforce works efficiently.
During my internship, I was looking to ensure that I bring efficiency to the organization in which I am working. Consequently, choosing to help digitize the records at Sara Group Holdings was well within my goals. I was also looking to ensure that I learn the intricacies of HR management and how to effectively lead a group of workers that are central to the success of the organization.

After the discussion about the company, he informed me that I will be assigned in their HR Department and he briefed me about the tasks as an intern. My tasks according to the supervisor is to assist on the HR Department in all the daily transactions such as in collecting attendance data, leave forms filed by employees, updating status and expiration on residence permits and working permits, filing, encoding and other employees’ relation transactions. Truly, I was overwhelmed with the workloads while it is being discussed to me. Although, I just keep my composure and just try to listen on the instructions in the best that I could.
Then, Mr. Ali accompanied me to the area of HR Department. While we are walking also giving some information regarding the location of each department such Finance and Accounting, Office of General Manager, Sales and Marketing and other departments. According it is important that I should be familiar with the location for the most of the works of HR Department are coordinated and sync with other departments. He also mentioned the key personnel on each department. In the HR Department area, he introduces me to the employees that I will work with and showed to me my working space.
There were no specific task given to me in this day, and thus I just observed and look on to the flows of the activities in the department and see how my colleagues in the department work on their tasks.
Day 2     This is my second day as an intern in Sara Group Holding. During the morning I was introduced to the Head of the Department and was actually oriented with roles as HR Assistant. It is almost the same as what Mr. Ali has told me like collecting attendance data, leave forms filed by employees, updating status and expiration on residence permits and working permits, filing, encoding and other employees’ relation transactions. Although, this time they shown me how the work is done and how to file documents and where to file it or in short data management. They have oriented me also about the forms that are used or implemented in the company. There a various forms shown to me such Vacation Forms, Request for Supplies, Leave Forms, Official Business forms which are used by sales and marketing and etc., They also oriented me regarding the offers and employment contracts however the discussion was too brief regarding this topic. Also policies on the attendance was also discussed to me such as the “grace period” in the in and out of the attendance as well as the number minutes of tardiness allowed for employees in a single month.
I was oriented also with the flow of the transaction and how they are connected with other department. For instance the Vacation Form, it comes from the requesting employee, then it should be submitted to his / her supervisor for approval, then it will be submitted to HR Department for verification and update then it will go to HR Manager for approval then to the Finance and Accounting for the calculation of benefits and settlements. It was mentioned also that HR Department is doing statistical and progress reports of employees from the managers to the rank and file employee.
In this day I was given a few filing task only of the previous application forms and request forms of employees to their corresponding folders.
Day 3     This is my third day of internship in the company. In the morning shift I was given a task of photocopying some of application forms of employees. These forms are used for the local applicants in the company. Then after finishing the task, I was given a bunch fully filled up applications and attachments to be scanned likewise, the new and renewed Residence ID of current employees. I was supervised by one of the regular HR Assistant in the department at first and she have shown me how it was done. She also gave me few tips on how to speed up the work. It was easy in an instance, but a few tries finally got it to work. I also made requisition for supplies that I need for the work.
In the afternoon shift I was given documents in a box which consist of email and various forms which has to be sorted, classified and filed in the corresponding folders. I was confused at first and find it hard to sort it, and therefore I ask for a help from one of the HR Department employees on how to sort and distinguish the file. I ended not finishing the task. But I put it back on my work space to finish to on the following day.

Day 4     This is the fourth day of my internship in Sara Group Holdings. My plan in the morning is to finish the filing from yesterday. However, as soon I arrived in the office I was given an instruction to participate or attend a meeting. The meeting was held in the huge office where employees and head of the departments are in attendance. The agenda is mostly focuses on the timing for the upcoming Ramadan Month in which the schedules will be changed accordingly to the employee and the branches. In the Head Office there will be difference in the timing of the “non-fasting” and “fasting” employees and with regards to the branches and stores it will corresponds on the timings of the offices and malls they are located or assigned.
It was also tackled in the meeting the standard procedures and implementation of Official Business Forms specifically to marketing department, due to some previous misused of the form. After the meeting I went back to the HR Department area where they give me some files to be given to the Finance and Accounting department and as well as in the Sales and Marketing Department.
After the lunch break, I started to work on my back log by classifying, sorting and filing of documents. I finished this task this day.

Day 5     This is my fifth day as an intern in the company and my final day of my first week. In the morning I was given a task of encoding. At first, I thought they will teach me on how to use the software that they are using, however the head of the department just told me to put it on excel sheet. The contents of the documents are names, nationalities, contacts and job position.
In the afternoon shift, I was given task once more of filing documents. The documents are Leave Forms with attachments and old copies of IQAMA and email which are to be filed in the 201 of the corresponding employees. I was accompanied by one of the regular HR assistance in doing this task. And I reported back to the office of Mr. Ali Kazem Abdullatif and discuss some feedbacks on my first week of work. I have received results and comments, however he offer more advise on how to keep up on the work.

1.    What new knowledge or skill did you learn on the internship this week? Among the new knowledge I learned in this week is about the company. I learned that Sara Group Holdings is a prestige company which comprises of many sub companies that are currently operating in the kingdom with multinational employees and with a competitive status in the market industry. I am beginning to be exposed on the organization’s operations specifically in the Human Resource Department. Although it is premature to say that I have learned skills, I could say that in this first week of internship experience, I am starting in developing data management skills as well as the organizational skills due to the tasks that was given to me in this period and that looking forward to enhance those skills in the fullest until the end of my internship.
2.    What have you learned in the university that you applied on the internship? The group projects and activities in college have paid off. It really helps especially when you work on the professional environment. Like in the group activities and projects cooperation and coordination is the key to have a great result of project, for every task is interconnected, and thus I could say that it is similar to the professional environment, you have to coordinate and cooperate not just to your co-employees in the department but as well as with other department in order to finish a job or achieve objectives.

3.    List any difficulties, mistakes, pleasant or unpleasant experiences that occurred this week.  What did you do to correct your mistake (s)? At first I find it difficult to communicate and speak with other employees in the department. I feel shy that I may disturb them with their work. I am very tentative in asking questions about the task that was given to me. However, I realized that I need to speak and communicate in the way I can, in order for me to finish my job.
4.    On what skill or question could you use help in performing your internship responsibilities better?Like I have mentioned in question number 3, I believe I need to work on my communication skills and at this point I need to know how to act normal professional manner. Also, I believe I need to be more keen and attentive, especially that I am assigned in HR Department wherein documents are all important and confidential.

5.    What interesting or challenging experience did you have with your fellow workers or site supervisor? I experienced no challenging experiences this week.

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