Final Presentation Project

Final Presentation Project

Order Description

the Instagram bloggers each should have at least 10.000 followers and its preferable if they were from he GCC countries

Applied Communication Department
Final Presentation Project Brief

Course: Introduction to Mass Communication

Project Description

Based on the introduction to mass communication content we discussed in the class during the past several weeks, each one of you should be able to critically examine and evaluate mass media platforms.

In this exercise, you are expected to choose 5 famous instgramers and monitor their posts for a week. Those people can be Artist,Director, blogger, cooker, or a social media influencer who’s main target is to communicate to mass audiences,  you are expected to fill the coding sheet of the instgramers. Fill the chart, by filling up the questions.

How many followers this person have? How much does this person follows? How many posts he/she posts everyday? What is the post about?, you need to know the usage of instagram among the various users, and if they post relevant information.

You need to prepare the below for your oral presentation:

1.    Brief about your findings.
2.    Describe the types of posts each person posts for a week.
3.    Describe the number of #Hashtags they use.
4.    Describe how their social media platform help them sell, and how do they communicate it to other users?

Your oral presentation is 5 minutes with another 2 minutes for questions and answers.

Due Date:

Total grade: 20% of the total grade of COM1103

You can prepare a power point slides document where you can share links and images of your research.

Please check the rubric for grading criteria.

Final Presentation-Assessment

Student name:______________________________________________

Presentation date:

1.    Brief about your finding
Does your presentation have a good brief about your finding? Did you provide enough information using a chart? or excel sheet? did you calculate the results?

4    3    2    1

2.    Describe the types of posts each person posts for a week
Did you attach pictures of your results? did you manage to find the results for 5 different people instgram weekly usage?

4    3    2    1

3.    Describe the number of #hashtags they use
Did you explain the usage of hashtags? If there is more hashtags in the picture does this person gets more likes? Did you count how many hashtags per picture?
4    3    2    1

4.    What is the role their social media platform (Instgram) And how does it help them sell?
4    3    2    1

6.    Presentation skills and questions
Do you read from notes? Do you have good eye contact? Do you answer students and teacher questions?
4    3    2    1

Instgram Account Name    Number of Followers    Number of Following    Likes Per Pictures monitored per day    Number of pictures monitored per week.    Likes Per Pictures monitored per week    Comments per picture    Number of English Comments    Number of Arabic Comments    Beauty    Selfie    Food    General    Number of Hashtags
Diala_Ali    219K    569    Add the likes up (80+ 50+70)= Put the final    How many pictures are monitored per week? Add the total number of pictures per week    Add the Total Number of likes    100    30    70    30    40    70    20    100


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