Film Response

Next, write an essay that is 750-1000 words that addresses these questions. Refer to and cite direct places in the film to support each answer. See your MLA Resource Page for help.
This assignment will be submitted to Unicheck. Make sure to do academically honest work.
Note: You should include in-text (parenthetical) citations for source material you use to support your ideas, and you’ll need a Works Cited for this assignment.
Questions to Address in Your Essay Response:

Throughout their lives, Vincent and Irene were told they were sick and incapable. Vincent seems never to have yielded to this, while Irene did. Why do they respond so differently to the same influence?
Does his willingness to take risks make Vincent more or less perfect?
Does the way we live with our particular capacities and attributes depend on how we acquired them?
Who would be responsible for the actions or products of an altered human, the alterer or the altered?
When the film Gattaca was first released, as part of a marketing campaign there were fake ads for people to call and have their children genetically engineered. Thousands of people called, wanting to have their offspring genetically engineered. Does this surprise you? Why or why not?
How does this film connect to ideas from the text, Being Human, that we’ve read so far?

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