film paper film name is " the house i live in" war on drug

film paper film name is ” the house i live in” war on drug

Project description
subject name Theories of Deviance and Conformity .
text using!Patricia Adler and Peter Adler, eds., Constructions of Deviance: Social Power, Context, and Interaction, 7/e (Wadsworth, 2012).please use three theories from the not plagiaris. the name of film is “the HOUSE I LIVE IN”.

See also Grading Rubric at the end of the syllabus. This is how your paper will be graded.
PLEASE connecting a theme within the film with at least three course readings (using quotes).

I am very particular about written assignments. Please be careful to follow assignment instructions, including page lengths. Film Papers should be at least 4 full pages long to receive a grade higher than D. In grading papers I look for three basic things: thesis/argument, textual support/analysis, and presentation. All three are necessary and important aspects of your grade. Please see the grading rubric at the end of the syllabus. Print it and submit it with your papers.

Thesis/Argument. To earn an above average grade, your paper must contain a sociological thesis or argument. Try to include a specific statement of your thesis in the first paragraph of your essay, and then use that statement to focus every subsequent paragraph. Appropriate theses discuss what your exercise or observations contribute to a theoretical understanding of deviance or conformity. Example: In the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the character Hermione best exemplifies learning theories of deviance, while the character Ron illustrates labeling theory. Or: Schlossers Reefer Madness provides strong evidence for the Marxian split labor market theory, even though Schlossers notion of capital differs from Marxs.

Textual Support & Analysis. The paper assignments require that you make connections between your observations/experiences and course readings. Support your assertions with quotes and other specific evidence rather than making broad or unsupportable statements. Quote and cite papers correctly. Please see the Quick Style Guide for Students Writing Sociology Papers on the External Links tab of the Blackboard website for the course. For internet sources, use the following format: Author if available). Retrieved on [day, month, year], from [full URL]). For example: “Income inequality rose dramatically from 1979 to 1994″ Russell Sage Foundation, Retrieved on July 8, 2002, from

Presentation. Papers and exams must be 4-6 full pages, typed, spell-checked, proof-read, and double-spaced, with 1 inch margins, 12 point fonts. Please use black ink and a standard font such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial, using italics only for emphasis. Papers should be submitted on time, in MS Word attachment to the appropriate section of the Blackboard website. I will mark papers and exams down for frequent grammar and spelling errors, lateness, and not meeting minimum source or page requirements.

please see Grading Rubric for Papers

66 – 60
Fully competent and interesting. Polished.59 – 53
Fully competent.52 – 47
Competent but flawed.46 – 0
Does not fulfill minimum requirements.

Thesis employs conceptual or theoretical sociological analyses in a complex and nuanced manner.
Discussion is clear and focused.
Paper is mostly) organized around a central sociological thesis.
Thesis needs to be more specific or needs to be focused on throughout.

Paper needs a clear sociological thesis that provides focus for the paper as a whole.
Discussion in paper wanders from topic to topic or includes irrelevant information.
Paper does not answer the questions posed by the assignment.

Textual Support & Analysis Paper engages course texts, examining their meaning and relevance to thesis. Paper employs textual evidence to support claims.
Quotes or course readings could be elaborated upon and analyzed more thoroughly. Quotes and summaries from course readings need to be clearly connected to thesis.
Readings need to be elaborated upon.
Quotes need to be explained in your own words and then examined for relevance to thesis.
Unattributed direct quotes are taken directly from texts or websites.
Paper does not quote course readings.

Presentation Grammar and spelling errors are absent or very minor.
Language is clear and engaging with few redundant words or sentences. Grammar and spelling errors are minimal.
Writing is (mostly) clear. Frequent grammar and spelling errors. Paper does not meet minimum page requirements.
Paper does not meet minimum citation/source requirements.
Grammar and spelling errors are so frequent that meaning is difficult to discern.
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see attach for instruction for the film paper
the movie name is” the house i live in” in the book Adler and Adler choose three theories and relate it to the movie. do not plagiarism. see attach syllabus for professors instruction.
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please see attach instructions
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please use U.S English not U.K English
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Structural functionalism is another deviance theory that determines behavioral change in human beings. The theory helps individuals in distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable norms or standards of behavior. It equips individuals with pertinent incentives that include active and constructive systems of behavior that shape values and norms in societies. In the film, there are individuals such as the US District Judge called Mark who separated the acceptable and unacceptable standards of behavior that they adopted. The judge offered strict judgment to the offenses relating to drugs within the law and expected standards (Rios, 49). he did not talk about the theorir
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i got 0 in this film paper the house i live in paper reference did not connect at all
Deviance and conformity theories of sociology are essential aspects that depict how social beings frequently conform or deviate from the expected norms due to social advancements and status as evident in the film The House I Live In. Notably, conformity is the continual practice of good behaviors as expected in the society (Simon, 3). It entails playing along and measuring up to the ideals that should be upheld by everyone. On the other hand, deviance is a practice and action that does not conform to the expectations in most instances. To date, there is insufficient of information and understanding that conformity and deviance have both negative and positive social effects. People are deficient of the information that the two aspects have both good and bad sides, and none can be preferred to the other. This is evident going by the revelations depicted in the film The House I Live In. The film depicts how playing along other peoples decisions in the pretext of remaining relevant proved detrimental towards the fight against drug usage (Simon, 12). Therefore, the study is relevant in enlightening various individuals that the two aspects have negative and positive sides.
In the film The House I Live In, both conformity and deviant theories are depicted through its theme, actions, and characters. The film gives the drug syndicate story in US that has affected many lives health-wise. The film that is about drugs shows how narcotics is being smuggled in the nation, the tricks used, how it is sold, the strategy adopted, the people involved and the intelligence behind the trade (Bershen, 68). It also gives a glimpse on how peoples behavior can change from being conformists to deviants over time. In most societies, many people deem the trade of drugs illegal and against the social norms in most societies due to the far-reaching effects, drugs present to the people. The trade is done based on deviance in most instances and those perceived to be socially insensitive are the ones trading


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