film in communications;

film in communications;

READ Kracauer- FromTheory of Film Basic Concepts and Bazin From What is Cinema -AND LOOK UP VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete

COMM 368 Supplemental Reading & Video Worksheet
Each worksheet is worth 20 points.  Only submit FULLY COMPLETED worksheets.
Take the time to thoroughly answer the questions especially the connections questions.
Avoid statement about judgment or shame – “this is good or this is bad or we should do this and they should do that”
Back up your opinion with specific evidence/proof and frame it around media production elements and the entertainment industry

Use and bold Kolker vocabulary.  Show me that you understand and can apply the material.
Each progressive work sheet should display your development and growing comprehension of the material.
You are welcome to augment and reference past material covered, but each worksheet should be unique.
Make sure your answers are directly and specifically relevant to the material covered that week/chapter.
Check the schedule for due date and drop box information.

YOUR NAME___________________________      Kolker chapter/dropbox#_________

Reading (repeat as necessary if 2 essays are required for that worksheet)
Author & Title

PARAPHRASE the thesis statement in 2-5 sentences

Paraphrase and summarize the support/argument in 2-3 paragraphs

List and provide pertinent details about the main critics and theorists referenced and the criticism and theories expounded on, proposed or mentioned

Provide the definitions for key terms and concepts

In 3-5 detailed sentences explain what worked in this SPECIFIC essay and what was hard to grasp.

How and why is this SPECIFIC material pertinent to the class?  Did this SPECIFIC reading add value to the subject matter?  Why/not?  What was NEW that you learned?

6-10 thoughtful and in-depth sentences

Video(repeat as necessary if 2 videos are required for that worksheet)

Subject & thesis

Theme & tone

Structure / organization (logical, chronological, chaotic, stream of consciousness)

Vocabulary terms & definitions

How and why is this material pertinent to the class?  Did this video add value to the subject matter?  Why/not?  What was new that you learned?  6-10 thoughtful

and in-depth sentences

What connections may be made between the Baudy/Cohen reading(s), Kolker and the video(s) assigned?  2 thoughtful and in-depth paragraphs

How can this material be applied to your other courses current or past?  What films or TV came to mind?  And why?  What connections can you make to media you

view/read for information or entertainment?  How and why may this material impact the way you consume media?  2 thoughtful and in-depth paragraphs

If you were to write an essay applying the concepts, components and theoretical approach on which film or show would you write and what would be your angle? 3-5

thoughtful and in-depth sentences


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