Film and episodes

Order DescriptionPart I: Comedy

Watch an episode of a current or recent sitcom (e.g., Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, The Middle, Modern Family) or comedy film and think carefully as you watch about the values being taught or reinforced. Consider “value” as being very broadly defined as any issue/aspect presented as having “right” and “wrong” positions. Include a weblink to the episode you viewed in your answers.

1. Give a two to three sentence synopsis of the plot. Then make a list of all the values you see and indicate briefly how each is taught in the show. Include any value discussed in the reading or class but also any others you might notice. (
2. Did anything in this show strike you as questionable or inappropriate (e.g., too heavy-handed, insensitive to those with different values, inappropriate for entertainment, offensive)? If so, how and why was it inappropriate?

3. Did anything in this show strike you as a particularly positive prosocial value teaching, i.e., one that people could learn some socially positive behaviors or attitudes from? If so, explain how the positive lesson was taught.

4. In considering children of different ages and the values presented, what ages do you think this show would be appropriate or inappropriate for and why?

Part II: Drama

Do the same with an episode of a dramatic TV show (e.g., Grey’s Anatomy, Elementary, Mad Men, House of Cards), or a dramatic film or a soap opera. Include a weblink to the episode you viewed in your answers.

Part III: Analysis and Synthesis

After doing Parts I and II, respond to the following questions, considering together the two programs you watched (you don’t need to answer for each separately).

1. What most struck you about the role of media in teaching values in these shows? What differences and/or similarities in values did you notice in the two programs? Did anything surprise you and why? Do you think these would be effective teachers of the values they promoted? Why or why not?

2. Any other comments or observations about values and these shows or in media in general?

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