Film Analysis

Film Analysis

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Film Analysis
The arts can be powerful media through which we teach and learn. For this assignment, you will watch a film that features education, teaching and learning and analyse the film in relation to what you are learning/have learned in the course. In your 1,000-1,200 word assignment include:

– brief summary – main characters, plot – max. 2 paragraphs
– analysis
o How does the film portray adult learners and teachers of adult learners?
o What is the teacher trying to accomplish? What are her or his intentions?
o What are the teacher’s core beliefs about education, adult learners, teaching adults? Are these reflected in their intentions?
o What techniques does the teacher use? Are these consistent with their beliefs and intentions?
o Which teaching perspectives are evident in the teacher’s beliefs, intentions and actions?
o How does the context impact teaching and learning?

Choose from these 2 movies:
Mona Lisa Smile
The Karate Kid (either the one with Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki Morita or the more recent version with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan)

If you choose The Karate Kid, then you will need to make explicit connections with adult education and learning as the movie is about an adult mentoring a child/teenager. For example, if the teacher were working with adults in university, college or community centre would the same approach apply? What would be similar and/or how might it be different?

You should also:
• Draw on at least two course readings
• Draw on at least two external sources (e.g., article, book, website, art work, poetry, podcast, video etc.) – one of these should be an academic source (journal article or book)
• Write clearly
• Cite sources accurately and use APA citation/referencing style

Evaluation Criteria
• All requirements met (as per the above)
• Accuracy of understanding and representation of content
• Depth of understanding and analysis of content
• Insight and appropriateness in application to teaching practice
• Attention to detail, organization and presentation

Please submit all assignments as Word files only – no PDF files, please!

The Film Analysis is worth 30% of your grade. In your Individual Learning Agreement, you will set a due date between Week 9 and 13.

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