Film analysis

What is a prop?
Anything that refers to an object on stage that is not a permanent part of the scenery or costume
A dress that an actress wears in Act 1
A rug that appears on the floor of the stage
A sword that is used in a fight
Both A and D
None of the Above.
Which one of these is not an Element of Scenic Design?
Line and Texture
Mass and Composition and Color
Texture and Composition
Color and Line
Color and Intensity
Texture and Mass
Which of these is something that Costume does not signify of the wearer?
Position and Status
Relative Flamboyance or Modesty
Costume signify all of these things
What is the #1 Primary Function of Lighting?
To make us feel happy
To create a mood
Establish Rhythm and Movement
Reveal Shapes and Form
Provide Visibility
Lighting does none of these things.
What Lighting instruments use Gobos to project images in lighting?
Fresnel Light
A Flood Light
VL6 Spot Luminaire
LED Par 54
Source Four Ellipsoidal
All of the above

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