Field Trip Reports on Washington D.C usa

Topic: Field Trip Reports on Washington D.C usa

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You are to do 2 Field Trip reports of about 3 typed pages for each.
1. Report one based on a Guided Tour of a Washington D.C neighborhood.
*suggested neighborhood Georgetown

2. Report two based on any federal building in Washington D.C, including museums. * suggested building one of Smithsonian museums.

Your report in narrative style, not bullet points should cover the following topics and any additional observations you wish to make.

Neighborhoods Report details
1. How has the neighborhood changed over time? Why?
2. Did the neighborhood fit the usual press image of Washington, D.C.?
3. What factors make a neighborhood stable?
4. What could you observe about the racial composition, income level, and the
architecture of the community?
5. Did the neighborhood undergo gentrification?
6. What factors propelled gentrification?

Significant Building Report details
1. Why is the building still of interest?
2. When was it built?
3. Does the building play a role in the history of Washington, D.C.?
4. How has the use of the building changed over time?
5. Do you view the building differently now that you know more about it?
6. If you visit a part of the Smithsonian museum consider why the entire Smithsonian museum is important historically and today.

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