Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in American Indians

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in American Indians

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I had asked that all the sources be within the last 5 years. I also can’t use sources you used from sites that I can’t show where I found my information (it’s part of my grade to turn those in). There are articles and books cited from locations I can’t get access to. This is an undergraduate paper!
It also should be more American Indian specific to FAS… subtopics could include things like (I have to have 4) Education on FAS in The American Indian Population,
Co-morbidities related to FAS, Expenditures related to FAS in AI, Cultural Presence, etc…

Resources & Requirements for Annotated Bibliography Assignment
1. Annotated Bibliography Assignment:

Each student will create an annotated bibliography for a specific cultural health issue (health literacy or health disparities or cultural competence) utilizing evidenced based practice methodology. The selection of the specific cultural health issue must be approved by the instructor. Additionally,upon the selection of each topic, the student will identify and analyze this issue in the context of a defined cultural health population.

2. Annotated Bibliography Resources:

Below are a list of Resources that the student may use for this assignment:

OWL Purdue Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)

3. Formatting & Content Requirements:

The Annotated Bibliography must contain at least 20 total references. The student must delineate four (4) sub topic sections in the Annotated Bibliography to address specific factors of interest. Minimum level of description for each annotated bibliography entry is one comprehensive paragraph(150 words). APA format required. Print out of Research Query Methodology is required.

4. Submission and Grading:

A Grading RubricsPreview the documentView in a new window will be used for grading evaluation and will be available to students at the start of the project in order to assure that each student is aware of the specific criteria that is being used for grading. The Annotated Bibliography Assignment will be submitted via DROP BOX submission and is due by 6 pm on 4/28/15. The DROP BOX for submission will be available from 9 am on 4/8 until 6 pm on 4/28/15.

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