Final Paper
engage a text, fiction or non-fiction, similarly to what we did in class with the article, “The Failure of Feminism.” For this reason, it would be beneficial for you to outline your text, take notes, and/or make diagrams of the plot. You are to engage specific passages, paragraphs and/or ideas within the text, and include them in your argument. In simple terms, I’m looking for a very detailed response to one or more of your sources.
You may use any of the texts in Major Themes, any of the materials we used in class, or any of the topics we have already discussed. You may also engage any issue of interest to you, as long as you support your argument with a detailed analysis of the ideas from your source.
As always, I’m looking for an argument that’s specific, interesting, and an argument that you’re invested in. I will be looking for a clear thesis statement!

Additional direction for final paper.
Any essay should be convincing, and communicate an idea you’re invested in. The best essays are written by those who are passionate about the topic. You can see this in many of the essays in Major themes. Finding your position in any social issue is a great way of going this. Possible things that can frame your thesis statement:
1) Gender or Feminism.
2) Religion or lack thereof. Science.
3) Social inequality.
4) Racial social dynamics. (This is particularly relevant as I’m writing this.
5) Class inequality and Economics.
Any of the essays in Major Themes would make an excellent response.
Since many of the texts we’ve read in class have been narratives (stories or accounts), you may also write your final paper in the form of a narrative. I will still be looking for a well-supported thesis statement.


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