Create a matrix for tne tnree articles on your topic tnat you summarized last week, Your matrix should focus on tne tnree or four main pOints with

your Research Topic Essay,

Note: Use tne information in tne articles to provide support or counter arguments for tne arguments you are making in your essay, therefore you

need to be able to see now tney relate to your arguments in tne essay

Hillberry. M, (2008), An examination Of tne effectiveness Of English language learner

programs at tne elementary level, Oakland University Rochester,

Kwan, A, (2005), lmpact Of systematic pnonic instruction on young children learning English

as a second language, Library and Archives Canada,

Roberts, T, (2008), Home storybook reading in primary or second language with prescnOOl

children: eViClence Of equal effectiveness for second-language vocabulary acquisition,

Reading Research Quarterly 43(2), 103-130, dX,doi,org/10,1598/RRQ4321

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