Family theoritical framework

1) Describe three functions that families serve in contemporary society. For each,analyze your emerging Family Nurse Practitioner role by speculating about
interventions you will be providing:

2) Analyze three family systems assumptions and how these are relevant to
health care provision:
My guess of family systems assumptions are: A family does not exist in a vacuum, all
parts are interconnected, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts… These may
3) Mr. D brings his nine year old son, Tyquon for a well-child visit. You learn that
Tyquon’s mother died suddenly in a motor vehicle crash about ten months prior
to the visit. Mr. D is now raising Tyquon and his 5 and 13 year old sisters by
himself. Describe in detail how the Family Resiliency model assists you in
assessing the situation and planning for interventions?
4) You are practicing in a family clinic in a rural community with a large number of
Amish families. One of these families seeks your care and advice about their two
month old daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect. Considering
family roles and communication, propose three ways that you can provide
culturally appropriate ca

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