Families in Recovery

“Families in Recovery: Early and Ongoing Recovery Phases and Treatment Termination”

Which of the Brown and Lewis developmental stages of recovery do you think will be most challenging for you to work with, in your role as a family substance abuse counselor? Why?

Family issues and Addictive Disorders

1. Family Solutions for Substance Abuse: Clinical and Counseling Approaches
Read chapter 9.

2. The Alcoholic Family in Recovery: A Developmental Model
Read chapters 4, 10, and 11.

McCollum, E. E., & Trepper, T. S. (2001). Family solutions for substance abuse: Clinical and counseling approaches. New York: Haworth Press. ISBN-13: 9780789006233 (Print text is required)

2. Before It’s Too Late: Working With Substance Abuse in the Family

Treadway, D. C. (1989). Before it’s too late: Working with substance abuse in the family. New York: W.W. Norton. ISBN-13: 9780393700688

3. The Alcoholic Family in Recovery: A Developmental Model

Brown, S., & Lewis, V. (2002). The alcoholic family in recovery: A developmental model. New York: Guilford Press. ISBN-13: 9781572308343

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