Fallen woman theme in Jane Eyre and Goblin Market

Make a meaningful connection between two course texts by two different authors
Skills: Demonstrate comprehension of two course texts; develop a meaningful thesis; create an effective organizational outline; integrate quotes as evidence; tie evidence to the thesis; use MLA style to cite sources

Comparison is one of the Aristotelian ?Common Topics,? ways of thinking that can be applied to most any subject to develop a creative position. The danger with comparison/ contrast is that some writers think the only requirement is to point out similarities and differences. Instead, similarities and differences should be used to develop a unique position. Richard Marius warns: ?By comparing one thing with another, you may see them both more clearly. But not every comparison is illuminating. Any two things can be compared, but the comparison helps only if it is significant? (A Writer?s Companion 35).

Use the tools of comparison and contrast to make a meaningful connection between two course texts. You may use any two texts we have read for this course as long as they?re written by different authors.

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