Factors affecting microbe death

Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including:

  1. Factors affecting microbe death
  2. Antimicrobial agents and how they work
  3. Physical methods of control
  4. Chemical methods of control

Activity 1: Controlling Microbes Video

Based on what you have learned during the Task, design a 2 minute video to teach a selected audience about a physical or chemical method of controlling microbes. Your audience may be children, adults, peers, etc.

Activity 2: Virtual Lab

Complete the virtual lab, What Kills Germs

Activity 3: Destroying Bacteria Lab

Using the directions from Week 4, make gelatin to grow bacteria. Once you have a good growth of bacteria on the gelation:

Put a drop of hand sanitizer or other chemical microbe inhibitor on the gelatin where the bacteria is growing.
Leave for a day and see if the bacteria are killed. If they are you will see a clear ring in the area where you dropped the sanitizer.
Try different types of sanitizers such as Clorox, hand sanitizer, Listerine, or other household cleaners.

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