Facebook proposal

Facebook proposal

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Write a proposal for a small business that has a weak Facebook page.

Facebook page of Yong Yong (a local restaurant in great boston area): https://www.facebook.com/yongyongrestaurant/timeline

You are suggesting improvements to their Facebook page based on social media best practices, theories and what other successful companies are doing. Be reasonable. Think about what a small business can afford to do with limited resources. Use APA style in both the text and for the references.

Your Facebook proposal should include:

The name of the small business page you are examining. (Include screen shots in the appendix.)
The metrics on likes, types of posts, timeline (when did they start the company page, how often do they post)
Description of business category that the brand or non-profit is located.
Some similar companies or organizations that have Facebook sites that do a good job in this category. (Use screenshots or provide links to their Facebook page.)
List of recommendations of what can be done to improve their Facebook page. Justify ideas by referring to some of the following:
theories discussed in class (such as brands, engagement, ethos, pathos, logos, oranization, style, memory triggers, vividness, media naturalness, communicative informatics on creative, active, feedback & monitoring,USG, Uses & Gratifications, WOM, LongTail, Purchase Funnel, social presence…etc.)
tips from the book (customer communication, brand exposure, traffic, SEO, demographics, geographics, life stages, psychographics, affinity groups, influencers, groups, events, follow us, social media schedule,helpful tools for buzz and sells, bookmarking, share buttons,)
items mentioned in class notes or videos (use of color, images, videos, SEO, link to website, link to other social media sites, tags, events, link to news, community events, use of celebrities…)
refer to articles or websites about this industry on Facebook or on social media and cite the source in the text and reference page in APA style.

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