Exploring And Researching Your Chosen Profession

Exploring And Researching Your Chosen Profession
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Military Career.

Creating the Concept Map
Institutional Affiliation
Before making a serious life-changing decision, there is need to carry out holistic analysis of various factors to ensure that the decision positively impacts one’s life. The decision that a person makes before joining the US Army military career requires the evaluation of a number of factors among them being the job description of the career. In the process of deciding on the US Army military career, there were various steps that need to be followed and the first one is to identify the general topic that a person is interested in. In this manner, the general topic is the US Army military career. The second step is to brainstorm on all the concepts and the themes that are related on the topic and to outline the various factors on a piece of paper, there is need to keep the points as concise as possible and some of the factors to analyze in being in the US military are such as the relevant rules, the qualifications that one needs to have, the training processes one needs to undergo among others.
The third step is to write the main topic on the center of the page using unlined paper. This helps in focusing on the main topic which is US Army military. The fourth step is to connect the other concepts that are identified in the brainstorming with the center concept. In this manner, there is need to use other organizational patterns such as groups, arrows or branches in connecting the main topic and the other concepts. The process of connecting points involves putting the main points nearer to the center while the less important points put closer to the edge. The final step is to check on the organizational patterns to confirm if the pieces fit together and if they can help in the fulfillment of the goal; this also helps in checking if there is anything missing.
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