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Create a solution that uses cloud or web technologies by learning and investigating on your own from general

College Loan Calculator Instructions:

tasked with determining how long it will take you to pay back your college loans. You decide to
download and use one of Excel‘s templates to create your worksheet.

Perform the following tasks:

1. Click the New tab in the Backstage view and then search for and click the College loan calculator template
to download it.

2. Enter data for your estimated salary after graduation. the date you will begin paying back loans. as well as
ctitious (but realistic) information for four loans, including loan number, lender. loan amount. annual interest
rate, beginning date. and length (in years).

3. Save the le as Expand 1-1: College Loans. Print the worksheet.

4. Submit the assignment as speci ed by your instructor.

5. Which template would you use if you wanted to plan and keep track of a budget for a wedding?


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