Exercise in the work environment Japan

Exercise in the work environment Japan

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4. Video Analysis Project involves selecting a movie or video clip, watching it, and using course concepts to analyze it, identifying underlying cultural issues or

themes. The video may be analyzed from a comparative or an intercultural perspective (e.g., focusing on issues that would be important for a manager, if transplanted

abroad or into a cross-cultural workplace situation).

The show I have selected is an “Idiot Abroad and the episode is “Climbing Mount Fuji” which is in the shows second season and is the 7th episode. You don’t need to

watch the episode, I have attached a clip that shows the main protagonist Karl participating in work exercise which is what I want the essay to relate to.

Link to episode clip: http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/an-idiot-abroad/videos/an-idiot-abroad-workplace-workout.htm

I have already started working on the paper in the text below so you can choose to use what I have written and edit it a lot so it sounds much more professional or

write up something new. I need you to relate the clip to some of the concepts from the texts below, the more the better but don’t feel limited to just use the

references given below. You can also use outside sources.

Required text, readings and material:
1. Lane, Henry W. and Martha L. Maznevski. International Management Behavior: Global and Sustainable Leadership. Seventh Edition. John Wiley & Sons. 2014.
2. GlobeSmart®: a web tool providing global organizations with easy access to information on conducting business with people from more than 70 countries. Information

on access will be provided in-class
3.Copyright protected cases (Disney, Ellen Moore, Haier cases) to be purchased from the Ivey Business School https://www.iveycases.com/ or HBS site:

http://hbr.org/case-studies. You will have to register and navigate to the material.

Cultural themes to be talked about and to relate to – remember to focus on issues that would be important for a manager working abroad in Japan

Talk about the main goal for the exercise ? how it affects the employees’ performance in their jobs so they all have a common goal to be better workers
Hofstede dimension ? collectivism, they want to improve the company by working harder
Japan’s has a homogenous culture so everyone thinks the same, a global manager should follow Japan’s traditions/protocol to be accepted.


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