Evolution of Business Report

You have been tasked to communicate to the VP of Human Resources about the need to prepare current staff for a more diverse workforce as a result of opening a new office in Miami, FL. This geographical area is known for its cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity in comparison to the company’s office in Topeka, KS.Create a 2,100-word report analyzing the relationship between these concepts or topics:
-Analyze the role of innovation in opening the new office. Include product and marketing innovation. -Assess managing diversity in the workplace, particularly with new workers coming from Miami. Discuss the differences between Topeka and Miami. -Examine how technology facilitates the implementation of change with the distance from Topeka to Miami. -Explain how the workforce in the company will benefit from welcoming an inclusive and more diverse group of coworkers. -Explain the benefits and the opportunity that a more diverse workforce will create. -Include at least five references, with at least two ‘peer reviewed’ from the UoP library.

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