Evidence that self-objectification disrupts women’s social activism

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1:Evidence that self-objectification disrupts women’s social activism

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Write a magazine article, for the news section of sciencemag.org., reporting the main findings of a chosen journal article, in a digestible form for a non-expert
– the chosen journal article is : Calogero, R. M. (2013). Objects don’t object: Evidence that self-objectification disrupts women’s social activism. Psychological
Science, 24, 312-318.
– Read a few of news items from sciencemag.org. to get a feel for the style of these articles.
-You do not need to include any literature beyond the article you have chosen and therefore, you should not include a references section.
*The key for this part is to report the main findings of the article you chose in an engaging and accessible way. You may find you are not reporting all of the
findings of the article and this is fine. If the main message comes across more clearly without including an experiment or an analysis then you may omit them.*
– word count must be between 1000 – 1500 words
– come up with your own title for this article ( <15 words)

2: visualization

What is one or two new things you,ve learned about visualization ? Are there any arguments or recommendations made by Tufte or others that you disagree with? How do
you think visualization challenges have changed since the time of Tufte?

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