A couple is fighting, and they have come to you for help. They fight verbally four times a week. She complains, “He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t look me in the eye and he doesn’t pay attention to me when I talk.” He complains back saying, “She is always doing something; cleaning, talking on the phone, texting, and I think she never sleeps. I wish she would just calm down.” Their 10-year relationship is in trouble and you are there to find biological reasons for their problems.

Think about the couples concerns biologically, not emotionally or socially.
Discuss at least 5 biological reasons why the husband and wife having are symptoms.
Do not write emotional reasons, childhood experiences, or mental diagnoses (no ADHD, OCD, etc…)
Do not give treatment options (like counseling)
The focus is only on the biological, discussed in this chapter.

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