Events Management

Events Management

Background Information

Ever since their establishment by the Partnership Portsmouth initiative in 1998, the Portsmouth Festivities has made a valuable cultural and economic contribution to the city, and to the region.

They have developed a reputation for providing high quality events with professional artists in a number of unique venues throughout the city.

In previous years, their programme has followed a particular theme – from Trafalgar 200 and Henry 500, through to Space City. Last year, they celebrated Great Expectations, for the Charles Dickens bicentenary.

Now in their 14th year, they are still developing and growing. This year’s celebrations will not follow a specific theme, but instead celebrate different aspects of Portsmouth as a whole.  Which means they providing a more diverse programme of events than ever before.

The Mission

The Portsmouth Festivities aspires to celebrate and enrich understanding and enjoyment of arts, culture and heritage in Portsmouth.

In 2014, our aims are:

•To inspire and involve the wider community in our work
•To extend and develop our programme for young people
•To support local artists, cultural and creative organisations


This assignment will be completed in groups of 4/5.

Each group will choose a theme, produce a feasibility study and write an event plan for Portsmouth Festivities.  Events deemed viable may be included in the event programme for 2014. Working with the company, you will produce:

•    a feasibility study into the viability of staging the event and
•    an event proposal to guide event planners and clients as to what is necessary to stage the proposed event

In class you will meet with a representative from the company to discuss the requirements of the project. You will need to discuss the objectives of the event, the timeframe, the budget and resources available and any other relevant information which will help you to assess the feasibility and to prepare an event proposal. Following this meeting, it will be important to keep in touch with the company and to discuss your progress.

The Feasibility study

You can decide on the contents and layout but you must ensure that you include sufficient detail to enable a decision to be made as to whether the event is viable.

The study could include the following:

•    Cover page
•    Executive summary – outlining, in summary, information about the event and its general goals, key participants etc
•    Objectives and goals for the event key areas that need to be dealt with to successfully stage the event
•    Research into venue options
•    Research into the resources required for the event
•    Research into the event constraints including legal requirements, health and safety, security, environmental and disruption to other activities
•    Risk assessment research
•    Option for evaluation and review processes
•    Market analysis – market segmentation, target market for the event and segment strategy as well as competitive analysis if required
•    Key milestones – deadline and target dates that important for the successful staging of the event
•    Finance options, related to research done for the event

You will also need to identify each individual’s contribution to the report.

You will present the feasibility study in week 22. Be prepared to answer questions and to explain and defend your findings.

Event proposal

Having agreed on a structure for the event, you should create the event proposal.

This should contain some or all of the following (as appropriate)

•    Cover page
•    Executive summary – outlining, in summary, information about the event and its general goals, key participants etc
•    Event specific information – specific objectives, stakeholders, themes, design and ideas, resources required, marketing and promotion needed, budget, possible sponsorship, schedules, risks, environmental impact.

You will present the event proposal to the company in week 27. Following their feedback you will be given the opportunity to amend your proposal before the final hand in date.

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