Evaluation Plan Components

Evaluation Plan Components

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After reading the text and any other reliable sources you find, finish and submit the Evaluation Plan Components that are part of the evaluation process. Examine the scoring guide and state each of the components. Then state under each of the components what is being addressed and explain that part of the evaluation process.

Please refer to the Program Evaluation Plan course project description for more information about the requirements for this component of the course project. If you have questions or need clarification about this assignment, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you meet the following grading criteria/ Use the following has titles and subtitle as seems appropriate

1) Identify who initiated the evaluation and will be the primary recipient of the report when the evaluation is completed.
2) State the model of evaluation and the overall purpose of the evaluation.

3) Formulate questions that will be used to address the overall purpose of the evaluation.

4)Identify by question the method that will be used to collect data for each question and how that data will be analyzed.

5) Identify stakeholders invested in the evaluation process.

This is the continuation of a paper already written, I will attach it as a document

The course textbook is Appreciative Inquiry

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