Evaluation Part I


Purpose Each of you will further develop the social service agency in the community of your scenario that has a program targeted at the Hispanic clients portrayed. You will need to think about the mission of the agency, the programs offered, the clients served, and any evaluation that has occurred in the past. Your proposal should focus on the program’s outcome of interest, the Y, and activities of the program that can be evaluated for their effect on Y, the Xi.
You will then write a mock proposal for an outcome evaluation focused on programs and interventions serving
Hispanic children and families. The paper will be in four parts and dues dates will be scheduled throughout thecourse.
Evaluation Proposal ­ Part I (15 points)
● Describe the agency, its services, and the demographic profile of the Hispanic clients served.
● Be concretely descriptive. Identify the evaluative question you will answer, the Y and the
Various Xi.
● Describe how the agency addresses the unique needs of its Hispanic clients.
● Program Rationale and Aims
n your discussion post include the following: :
• Brief introduction along with goal(s), objective(s), and a evaluative question (i.e., overarching program evaluation question which is different from the “researchable” research question below). Such as “Is the substance abuse treatment program effective?”
• Identify indicators that will be used to measure each objective (See textbook page 155)
• Importantly, now construct a “researchable” Research Question(s) that is based on one of the program objectives. Meaning, write the variable(s) (e.g., self-esteem) as a “measurable variable,” within a “researchable question” and include the IV, DV, and assumed relationship between the variables (e.g., Does psychoeducational sessions significantly increase a participant’s self esteem level?).
• Identify at least two of the variable(s) included within the researchable “research” question and their respective levels of measurement, (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, and/or ratio) explaining your decision to use these (Note: Above the question include 2 variables (1) psychoeducational session =IV, (2) participant self-esteem level = DV)
• Identify the research design you will use for your evaluation, explaining your choice
• Identify this as a one-group or two-group design and explain your choice
• Identify the sampling method you will use, explaining why this is your choice.

Please add subtopics to paper:
Agency Overview
Program Rationale and Aims
Research Evaluation Question
Addressing Clients Needs

I have attached the scenario that this paper will be written on as well as a sample paper. PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE ATTACHED TO WRITE PAPER. DONT USE ANY OTHER FORMAT. I have also attached the rubic that I will be graded on . Once part 1, 2, 3 are review she will send it back for revision. this will includes putting part 1, 2, 3 together in one paper one it is revised.

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