Evaluation of the Agency’s Budgeting and Cumulative Report

Analyze the agency’s (or department’s) budget by following these steps and including the results of the
analysis in your paper by: a) identifying the agency’s budget as executive department or an independent
agency; b) determining which of the appropriation subcommittees has jurisdiction over each agency’s budget
request; c) determining where each agency’s operations fall in the functional classification of the federal
budget; d) determining the budget authority and outlays proposed for the agency; and e) determining the actual
outlays and budget authority for the agency in that year. Title this section Budget Overview.
Analyze two major political influences on, and primary accountability areas required of, program administrators
after reviewing FY2012 regarding mandatory and discretionary budgets. Title this section Budgeting
Explain which intergovernmental agencies contribute to and/or influence the budgetary decisions for the
current and future budget over the next five years. Title this section Analysis of Budgeting Plans and Actual
Analyze the impact of international policy making on the current year’s budgets and its possible impact on
future budget line items. Title this section Implications of Foreign Policy.
Recommend two robust ways in which the agency could improve the budget for the next fiscal year. Title this
section Budget Request and Recommendations.
Note-You will talk about The Agency is the National Archives and Records Administration

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