Evaluation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as an Assessment Method for Medical Students

Evaluation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as an Assessment Method for Medical Students

Students need to write a 3575 words assignment about the following topic: “Evaluation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as an Assessment Method for Medical Students”.

The purpose of the assignment is: To evaluate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as an assessment method for medical students.

In order to do so, students are required to write down four Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that are related to their specialty (pediatric surgeon cardiologist). And then to critically review and appraise their own MCQs questions in light of the following assessment concepts:
(Reliability, Validity, Objectivity, Feasibility, Educational value, Transparency, Sufficiency, Authenticity, Blueprinting, and Standard Setting).

The following points need to be clearly addressed in the assignment:

– Students need to briefly discuss the previous assessment concepts from relevant academic literature and then to explore them in the context of their written MCQs.

– The previous assessment concepts should be clearly and adequately related to either the practice of the student or the writing of the MCQs within this assignment.

– Critique MCQs in general (pros and cons) and then critique the MCQs you have written yourself with reference to your own practice and assessment literature. You are here expected to perform two tasks; 1) critically appraise the literature about MCQs and 2) write some reflections from your practice that is informed by the evidence on how you have created those Four MCQs to examine your medical students. Students are expected to present some arguments as to why the MCQs might or might not be objective, valid, reliable, feasible, transparent, sufficient…etc

Contents of Assignment:

(1) Introduction:
– A brief description of the context of the teaching, learning, assessment or educational experience
– Brief explanation of what participant did and why
– Brief explanation of the theme/issue participant has identified from the experience as being important to them and which is the focus of their assignment.
(2) Aim: clearly state the aim of your assignment. It must relate to the educational theme/issue that you have identified as being important.
(3) Analysis and appraisal:
– Analysis and discussion of the teaching-learning experience using theories, models and a critique of relevant research evidence
– Inclusion of factors which influenced participants and their students’ behaviors outcomes such as impact on students, effectiveness of an approach, successfulness of teaching, methods and criteria used to judge success and alternative approaches which would be appropriate in the future.
(4) Summary and conclusions:
– The knowledge, values and skills acquired
– Recognized challenges
– What you might do differently
(5) Tables and illustrations (if needed):
– One table and/or one illustration may be included
– Tables require a heading and figures a legend/caption
– Tables must be numbered in Arabic numerals and cited in the text.

Scoring of Assignment: This paper will be scored as follows:
• Clarity of exposition:
– Thoughtful analysis of the professional literatures
– Logical train of thought
– Adequate connections between ideas
– Choice of illustrative examples
– Relevancy of issue(s) or ideas, clearly explained
– Sufficient, cogent, and appropriate reasoning
• Use of writing conventions:
– Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
– Appropriate use of in-text citations based on Harvard system
• References:
– Reflect careful review of available literature related to the topic/issue
– Include up to ten sources (in a variety of formats)
– Appropriate citation using Harvard system


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