Evaluation in public Health

Evaluation in public Health

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This is a course work to write evaluation for the Dandenong Sport for All Project using the Department of Health evaluation planning template for disease prevention and health promotion projects.
The evaluation plan should address TWO of the project objectives and TWO of the project strategies. In addition to completing the evaluation template, a short commentary (up to one page) should be included which discusses the strengths and limitations of the evaluation design(s) and data collection methods given.
• References should be added to support this discussion (maximum 20).
• Word count 2200
• Case Study – Attached
• Evaluation template attached – I have written in Red font for you to understand what needs to be filled in the template
Department of Health Evaluation Planning Template
Project title:
Evaluation purpose:

Please write this answer in dot points rather than paragraph. The flow of dot points should be correct and accurate
Key questions:
Key questions should not be simple, it should more complex and related to the project article. There should be a wow factor in all the key question. Basic questions ae not permitted. Most logical question relating to the case studies is required.

How was the Health Plan developed?
How was the strategy to achieve this indicator developed?
How was Health Plan monitored?
How was the strategy monitored? Were the timelines reached?

Evaluation resources:

Please write all resources in dot points that are subject to the article
Monetary resources
Facilities required
Evaluation design:
We need to add Pre and post design, cohort designs, time series (use more than 2 designs). Integrate it with data. Which design is related to which aspect? It should be very concrete and specific, clear and tangible.
Experimental designs
quasi-experimental design
Observational designs
triangulation design
Randomized Control Trials

Data collection methods:
Qualitative and Quantitative research methods
Range of experience , interrelationship , frequencies , scale of changes , respresentivness, enquires , group interviews (focus groups , dyads) observations (participants external) document analysis , media analysis , audio , video material exhibits, triangulation methods, self-reflective, audit trails, validity , relevance of project strategy , evidence of responsiveness in past.
Evaluation Planning Template

Priority Area:
Target population/s:
Objective Impact indicators Evaluation methods/tools Timelines and responsibilities

Indicators are statements of what needs to be measured. Indicators need to be able to be measured at multiple time points.

Strategies Process indicators Evaluation methods/tools Timelines and responsibilities
Objective Impact indicators Evaluation methods/tools Timelines and responsibilities
Strategies Process indicators Evaluation methods/tools Timelines and responsibilities

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