EvaluatingInternationalization strategy

EvaluatingInternationalization strategy

This is an individual report that counts towards 60% of the total marks for this module. This assignment is due to be submitted on Monday 6th April 2015. The word

limit is 2500 words.

The Management Brief represents the culmination of all your work on this module. Having undertaken an environmental audit on three market regions for the first module

assignment (onBOFFI (A): MANAGING INTERNATIONAL IN LUXURY GOODS)and studied internationalization process and its management, you are now required to independently

evaluate the internationalization strategy of the business and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on suitable future internationalization options available

to the business.Your evaluation and recommendations should be presented as aManagement Brief.

A concise summary of key findings from your environmental analysis that justify further internationalization and your evaluation and recommendations should be

presented as a Management Brief, using the framework given below and presented to your tutor for assessment through the usual channels, in Moodle through Turnitin.
Your Management brief should include:
1. Title Page

2. Executive summary

3. Table of contents

4. Introduction

5. Summary of Environmental Audit (Current markets)
(concise presentation of the key finding from your environmental analysis drawing conclusion to validate need for all the choices you will recommend. i.e further

international development, new host country, strategy to adopt, entry mode etc. this could be evidenced through appendixes to the management brief.)

– A detailed SWOT discussion could be useful (presenting evidences of finding)

6. Internationalization
• External Analysis(minimum of two new host countries)
– Macro, micro and lifecycle
• Motive for Internationalization
• Evaluation of National Competitive Advantage
• Evaluation of mode(s) of entry (Suitability and feasibility)

6. Conclusions and Recommendations (including pros and cons)

8. References

9. Appendix (if required)

Your assignment will be assessed using a rubric (marking criteria). This can be found in the Module Guideand Moodle pagefor E01 International Business Strategy –


Your assignment should include in-text citations and supported with a full List of References at the end of the assignment. You are expected to use the CU Harvard

Referencing Style. Please refer to the CU referencing guide.

Please remember that when you submit your assignment, you need to include:
o Your Name
o Your Student ID number
o The Title of the Assignment
Word Limit: 2500 words, using the standard Management Brief format described above.Please note that you will lose marks if you exceed this word limit by more than 10%
Submission Deadline: via Turnitin by Monday 6th April 2015, as a single document with your full names (Surname first then other name(s)) and student numberon the

title page.

Please see assignment two grademark rubric on moodle.

International business strategy:
Report important points:
Flow chart:
Assignment break down, 310 threshold PDFS:
1:have to determine where boffi should go, looking for minimum 2 countries, max 4 countries, of perspective new countries where they are not currently operating in.

At least two countries and recommended one, the more you do, the more precise the answer and analysis, more accurate.
2: conducting external analysis, individually look on micro and Macro perspectives.
The very first thing, identify new countries and external analysis, explain why boffi should take aboard. Then move on to—–> competitive advantages, conduct

national comparative countries and recommend that countries which is the best for boffi to go into.( is it is better to suggest one country but two is fine).
What is the most suitable strategy to go in the country.
Pick entry various model which applied in pass few weeks.
When have done the recommendation, then choose the most suitable country and beware of that no idea is perfect, by giving recommendations and illustrates pros and cons

of that counties, if the firm fall to do so it might fail the conclusion will only get 2.5/5 point.

5 diamonds , use theories in ppt.
Use internal analysis and link with the external analysis. It is important to conduct internal analysis and pull out the strength and weaknesses of boffi and then

apply deep swot analysis.

Externally, national competitive advantages and firms competitive advantage which forms national comparative advantages.

All theories are found entail of the essay.
Recommends the way of operating the business (e.g franchising, partnership ). Intangible assets etc, from internal analysis.

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