Before posting the Professor’s instructions please read the following feedback from the previous paper.
“Good start on the paper, but the big problem is that it has so little evidence to support your arguments. You
have very few inline citations (one or two, I think) and thus, very little evidence to support any of your points. I
need to know more about your reasoning as to why, where and how you’re using the evidence to support your
argument – it’s mandatory. You will not do well in this class if you leave this out. Please see the
rubric/comments for specific feedback.”
please emphasize when writing the paper on the points the professor has made.
Also make sure you tie course concepts from the textbook as it is very important.
Textbook: Babbie, E. (2013). Social research counts. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage.
ISBN: 978-1-111-83389-3

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