Ethnographic Case Report

Ethnographic Case Report

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The critical task for this course is the creation of an ethnographic case report. Based on the data you have gathered from your site throughout this course, you
will apply the theory of symbolic interactionism to interpret data and draw conclusions about your specific site and how those conclusions can be applied to
society as a whole. You will then reflect on your experiences in this course and use your sociological imagination to define your habitus to place yourself within a
broad social context. Milestone One is due in Module Four and the final project is due in Module Seven.
This assessment will assess your mastery with respect to the following course outcomes:
? Apply the theoretical concepts of symbolic interactionism to everyday spaces
? Analyze cultural markers and power dynamics in everyday spaces to make inferences about social interaction
? Interpret connotative and denotative usage of language in media for its implication on social interaction
? Evaluate cultural practices in everyday spaces for their relevance to creation and maintenance of social hierarchies
? Utilize sociological imagination to identify oneself in a broader social context
Your ethnographic case report should answer the following question: Based on the data you have collected during your observations, what inferences can be
made about society?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction
a. Background of Site: What was the duration of your observation period? What site did you observe? Why did you choose that
location? How did you gather data?
b. Explain the theory of symbolic interactionism. Include the core features of this theory and the key theorists who have contributed
to the development of this perspective. Substantiate claims by referencing scholarly research.
c. What is the relevance of this theory relative to the ways in which sociologists analyze social interactions? Substantiate claims by
referencing scholarly research.
d. Illustrate how the application of social interactionism in the real world provides valuable insights for your case review. Substantiate
claims by referencing scholarly research.
II. Literature Review
a. Provide a summary of the relevant literature and assess the author’s credentials, arguments, objectivity, persuasiveness, and
conclusions.b. Include appropriate citations with a full bibliography at the end of the review.
III. Cultural Practices and Artifacts
a. Provide a descriptive inventory of the cultural practices and artifacts from your site.
b. Evaluate the behaviors and symbols you have observed. What do these behaviors and symbols reveal about an individual’s
hierarchical position in society? Be sure to address the following in your analysis:
i. Illustrate examples of social hierarchies in relation to cultural practices.
ii. Explain how these hierarchies may be maintained.
iii. What role do you play in maintaining the culture and hierarchies?
IV. Connotative and Denotative Language: Interpret connotative and denotative language for its implication on social interaction at your site.
V. Cultural Markers and Power Dynamics
c. Provide a descriptive inventory of cultural markers and power dynamics from your site.
d. What conclusions can be drawn regarding culture and power within your site?
VI. Sociological Imagination and Reflection
e. Discuss the sociological concept “habitus” in relation to one’s sociological imagination. How could one’s habitus impact the
individual’s observations and evaluations?
f. What changes to your habitus have occurred during your period of participation and observation?
g. Based on the data you have collected during your observations, what inferences

Basically I volunteered at a law firm called Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers which is located in Royal Oak Michigan Michael Pitt and Cary McGehee are the founding partners of the law firm Cary McGehee was my direct supervisor but Michael pitt has the most power out of anyone at the firm. Michael Pitt is the one that most people that work in the law firm as regular staff would fear however towards the end he opened up to me and spoke to me and engaged me in conversation more than what he did in the very beginning and he introduced me to his wife I would describe Michael Pitt as a loner and a workaholic. There was a lot of gossip that went on between the receptionist and the secretaries that work there mostly about the receptionist which name is Sarah the other secretaries named Regina and Kathy pretty much do most of the gossiping and it would be about minor things like what Sarah did on her spare time which was work at a bar and the way that she talked because she is a little different. the office managers name is laura davis she is the one who trained me on how to complete task in the law firm that were asked of me which included sitting in on meetings taking notes, filing, opening files, closing files, and filing motions. I was very friendly to everyone I saw and I spoke to everyone that I came in contact with during my volunteer hours there I generally enjoyed my experience there and I had no issues. I dressed in business casual wear every time I went in I also drove my personal vehicle to get there and I also attended a potluck lunch that the attorneys had the day before Thanksgiving and I brought in a salad I volunteered there 65 hours


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