Ethnic Studies

In The Death of the West author Patrick Buchanan claims that western civilization is on the decline due to an aging population and a decline in fertility rates, combined with population explosions in places like Latin America and Asia. How does Buchanan view the issue of immigration in the United States today? In particular, how does his argument relate to the questions of race and ethnicity? Examine Buchanan?s arguments in historical comparison to the debates over immigration as discussed in the readings by James A. Tyner, ?The Geopolitics of Eugenics and the Exclusion of Phillipine Immigrants from the United States,? The Geographical Review, 89:1, 1999, pp. 54-73, Martha Menchaca and Richard R. Valencia, ?Anglo-Saxon Ideologies in the 1920s-1930s: The Impact on the Segregation of Mexican Students in California,? Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 21:3, pp. 222-249, Maurice Muret, Chapter 11, ?The Problem of the Negro in the United States,? and Chapter 12, ?The United States and the Awakening of the Peoples,? from The Twilight of the White Races, 1926, and Joe M. Richardson, ?Florida Black Codes,? The Florida Historical Quarterly, 47:4 (April, 1969), pp. 365-379. How are Buchanan?s arguments similar and/or different from those earlier debates? Utilize at least one quote from each of the relevant readings to support your argument, for a total of at least five quotes. You must also discuss the videos POV: Farmingville and 30 Days: Immigration, as well as the videos on Buchanan and Jay Severin. How do Buchanan?s arguments relate to the opinions expressed by people in those videos? Many have accused Buchanan of ?playing the race card? and even of being a racist. Is this a fair assessment or an unfair attack?

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