Ethics: Theories, Values, and Principles

Ethics: Theories, Values, and Principles

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Ethics is the systematic exploration of questions about what is morally right and morally wrong… as nurses, we have the opportunity to defend and protect patient rights, to promote compassionate care, and to enhance the dignity and autonomy of our patients or clients (Keatings & Smith, 2000). It is critical that nurses continuously expand their knowledge and skill in ensuring the provision of safe and ethical care for clients. While there are very few absolute rules and directives, there are guidelines and tools to assist nurses is making ethical decisions.

Learning Objectives

Explore ethical theories and principles.
Examine CNA Code of Ethics and CNO Values.
Begin to identify situations that cause ethical/moral distress within your own practice.
Consider others’ experiences and potential diversity in perspective.
Reading Assignment

Keatings, M., & Smith, O. (2010). Ethical theoretical perspectives. In, Ethical and Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing. (2nd ed.). Toronto, ON: Saunders.

CNO Compendium – Practice Standard –ETHICS

Canadian Nurses Association. (2008). “Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses” at: Code_of_Ethics_2008_e.pdf
DISCUSSION QUESTION:Complete the table at the following link: Ethical Principles Table
Consider the ethical theories, principles and the CNO and CNA values. Can you think of examples where some of these values where upheld? How about a time when you felt the values where compromised?
John is a new staff nurse in the ICU at a local community hospital. He had been caring for Mr. Black, who just died following a code for a cardiac arrest. The physician in charge of the code suggest to the team assembled that they continue the code for ‘practice,’ since they happen infrequently and the staff needs to gain experience with different procedures. Considering the ethical theories described in the PowerPoint, is this ethical? Note there is no right answer, just arguments from each standpoint.


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