Ethics of Saying “Please”

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In light of our readings of Justice, you will choose a topic that interests you and on which you can speak to pursuing an ethical course of action upon. The topic should be one that you are passionate about and can take a moral stance on. Your presentation can focus on the importance of saying “thank you”,, holding the door open, returning the shopping cart, or parking evenly within the parking lot lines. Nevertheless, whatever topic you decide upon, you should make an argument that is grounded in the morality of the topic not necessarily the legality of it.

A fully developed thesis which presents your take on the ethical course for your topic. The insight of the thesis is especially well thought out and provides an interesting/unique perspective.

At least two examples clearly support the thesis and are expertly drawn to deepen the readers understanding of you topic.

Thesis is organized in a logical format and is especially engaging while allowing the reader to see the connections between one idea presented and another.

Three pages and argument essay that develops a rationale and consider counterarguments. The needs to be typed, adhere to the classical model of arrangement, follow MLA formatting and include two reputable sources for support.

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