Ethics in Organizational Culture

Ethics in Organizational Culture

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examine how an organization’s culture influences ethical decision making in an organization.

Select a government or nonprofit organization with which you are familiar and a specific policy or practice within that organization

?A brief description of the government or nonprofit organization
?A brief summary of how an organization?s culture can influence the creation of ethical and potentially unethical policies and practices
?An explanation of how the organization?s culture (norms, customs, and traditions) might have influenced decision making and the creation of specific policies and practices
?A description of a specific policy or practice that presents an ethical dilemma and an explanation of how that specific policy or practice creates the dilemma
?An explanation of how public administrators might use internal and external controls to maintain responsible conduct in the public organization
?An explanation of how, as a public administrator, you might resolve the ethical dilemma, using the ethical decision-making model presented in the text

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