Ethics in LTC Administration

Ethics in LTC Administration

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The purposes of this individual paper is to a.) develop your critical thinking skills and b.) enhance your problem solving and decision making abilities, and (3) improve your knowledge and expertise about ethical issues in long term care. Preparing a case analysis also provides you with an opportunity to develop your writing effectiveness.
This part of the course focuses on a paper addressing the legal and ethical issues of long term care administration.
Book: “Dimensions of Long-Term Care Management: An Introduction”
ISBN-10: 1567933831) by McSweeney Feld
Students may select from two case studies in the text book. The first option is located on pages 229 and 230 of the McSweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook, entitled “End-of-life and the Family”. The questions your paper must respond to are located on page 230 of the textbook.
All type must be Times Roman 12 point pica. The paper needs to be totally paraphrased. No and I emphasize no direct quotes. Please also use 2 other references in supporting your analysis. APA coverpage and reference page should be included.

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