Ethics in Forensic Science

You are to complete a paper and send it to me in the assignment link regarding ethics in forensic science. You may select any article found from the internet site listed below: (Links to an external site.)
Be certain that you provide me with the article’s name and its URL location. In this paper, provide a brief summary of the main points in the article, and then provide comments upon it based upon your readings from this unit’s text chapters and any other sources regarding proper ethical behavior.

I will be looking for the following things in a paper:

1. Review the material assigned as the primary resource for the paper such as a website

2. Research any related articles that would support or refute conclusions you form from the reading of the primary resource

3. If applicable, research any statutes or case law that may impact this issue.

4. Based on your research, propose conclusions to the issue or concept.

5. Consider implications from other areas of the criminal justice or overall social system of your conclusion.

6. Write a paper explaining the issue, your conclusions, any implications of your conclusions, and the research material that supports your conclusions.

Your paper must include:

1. A cover page

2. Introduction

3. Clear statement of the assigned issue

4. Discussion or brief review of your resource and any researched material

5. Clear statement of your conclusions, with supporting argument

6. Discussion of any implications of your conclusions

7. Reference page

8. Papers must be in APA format

The text of these papers should be at not less than 750 words, not counting cover page or references page. You should demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the concepts used in criminal investigations, and any interrelationships with other criminal justice or social systems. You should also demonstrate that you can synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information. You must write technically correctly using APA format with correct grammar and spelling.

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