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Ethicana Film

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INCLUDE ATLEAST THREE OF THE NINE TESTS SHOWN BELOW, you have to include them with their name for example, “I believe that action was unethical because by the hiding test, I would never want anybody to know what I did”.
You have to watch the film then relate the events/characters/story with the following topic, again include at least 3 of the tests:
Do our obligations for the safety of our employees, the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and our environmental responsibilities change as we cross international borders? Should we take the local culture into account? If so, how? How should respecting the local business “culture” and customs play into contract negotiations and performance? When is it okay to go along with local practices and when is it not? On what basis do we make that decision?

1) Harms Test: Do the benefits outweigh the harms, short term and long term?
2) Reversibility Test: Would I think this was a good choice if I traded places?
3) Colleague Test: What would my professional colleagues say? What does my professional code of ethics say?
4) Legality Test: Would my choice violate a law or policy of my employer?
5) Publicity Test: How would my choice look on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper or morning news?
6) Common Practice Test: What if everyone behaved this way?
7) Wise Relative Test/ Mom Test: What would my mom, wise old aunt or uncle do? and/or Would I want them to know what I’m doing?
8) The Hiding Test: Do I want people to know what I’m doing?
9) The Self-respect Test: How will I feel about myself after making this choice?

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