Ethical Theories

Ethical Theories

Read some segments of Chapter 1 in Munson and to do some analysis of the Dax Cowart case. For Assignment 6, read sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Chapter 1. Now – citing references in the text as well as your own ethical position, answer the following question: Do you agree with Eugene Rosam’s reply to Anita Catlin’s position? Rosam’s reply can be found on page 101 – 103. Give reasons why you side with either Rosam or Catlin making sure you use material you have encountered in the readings.

Apply to Anita Catlin 3-iC5gm_ in his repiy to Catlin, points out that Jehovah’s W’t

do not believe that children should be allowed to die (flees Dcirents against medical treatment for their chiidren.The parents Qire not I Weoiment for their children. just not treatment that involv:se:l Medical

«u5ion,Also, Rosam claims, we must recognize that a tran f pod “°”5’tential to cause medical ha ‘ – 3 won h°S

the Po _ Tm. not rust medical benefit Thus giving a child blood, contrary to Catlin, does not necessarily ‘rneetl

every goal of medicine.’ some laws and recent court decisions, Rosam points out, do mirequire that a child receive the best” treatment, but only a treat- merit that is ‘adequate’ or ‘reasonable.’ Thus, if a treatment does

not involve the use of blood, even if some do not consider it the best treatment. there are no grounds forintertering with parental decision making. Like Catlin, Rosam thinks it IS unacceptable to try to convince

Jehovah’s Witness parents to give up their beliefs.

We have read with interest the well researched article and children that we find most difficult to deal with,
byAnita Catlin. We agree with her that the case she and admittedly have few answers for, a sickle cell
mentions is one that would ose a dilemma for the crisis, with a stroke in pro ess, is indeed a challen e.

P _ 8‘ 8
healthcare community as it indeed does for Jehovah’s The case presents multiple problems.
Witnesses themselves. Of all the conditions in adults We, too, like the author. would never recommend
that the child be allowed to die.What we would ask is

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Fgram, got. 8, (ly1Y.tgI:pn;rt?gg:%nl996 by that the doctor do everything he can to the of.
Spmgeeveriag. Reproduced by permission. the child without using a blood transfusionfltie situation


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