Ethical framework

Assessment requires the writing of a report. The report should be designed as a management document. It should include a comprehensive analysis of the current situation using theories, models and frameworks related to leadership and governance.

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Based on Case Study: Blake Mycoskie and TOMS ( as attached ). Answer the following questions in a business format.
1. On the basis of evidence in the case, what would you assess Blake Mycoskie’s personality traits are along each of the Big Five dimensions?
Tips: compare & contrast of Big Five Dimension then apply the key concept to case study.

2. Which of these traits of effective leaders would you say has had the greatest impact on Blake Mycoskie success at TOMS?
Tips: look at his venture

3. Which motivation would McClelland say was the major need driving Blake Mycoskie to continue to work so hard despite being worth millions of dollars?
Tips: Achievement Theory

4. Does Blake Mycoskie have an LMP?
Tips: leader motive profile

5. What type of self-concept does Blake Mycoskie have, and how does it affect his success?

6. Which leadership managerial role(s) played by Blake Mycoskie have an important part in the success of TOMS?

7. Is Blake Mycoskie ethical in business? Which level of moral development is he on?

8. How may Blake Mycoskie’s ethical and/or unethical behaviours have affected TOMS’ corporate social responsibility?

9.How may Blake Mycoskie’s leadership traits and behaviours have contributed to effective governance in TOMS?

Note: the Executive summary should be around 250 words.
The report must contain heading and sub- headings
Please read the assessment guide as attached.
Please consult Leadership: theory, application & skill development (6th Ed.) by Lussier & Achua, Cengage Learning.)

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