Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

Case Study Exercise
Ethical Dilemma

You are the new vice president for human resources of a company that has not been
performing well, and everyone, including yourself, has a mandate to deliver results.
The pressure has never been heavier
are angry after 31 months of a
market that has left their stock underwater.
Many shareholders
desperately need stock
performance to pay for their retirement.
working for you is a
for you is 52 year
manager with
two kids in college.

In previous evaluations, spineless executives told him he was doing
fine, when he clearly was not, and his performance is
still far below par.If
you are
to show others in the company that you are willing to make tough
decisions, you feel you must fire
this individual.
The question is who is going to suffer
the firm and ultimately
your shareholders whose
is in
jeopardy, or a nice a
guy who’s
been lied to for 20
years, through no fault of his?
What would you do?
Explain in details
. What would you do, explain in detail
what would be the various performance criteria that you would establish?

what would be the
main feedback you would give this particular employee?
How would you manage the performance of this employee?

what would you do different?
due by Wednesday morning . my first refrence is the case study

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