Ethic case study chasing zero

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my last paper referred too much to the video. Teacher says that she seen the video and does not need to be told about the video throughout. Needs to be in my own knowledge on ethic , legal and moral issues. Including the 6 steps form the book Ethical dimensions 5th edition . step 1 Gather relevant info, step 2 identify the type of problems ( moral, ethical, legal). step 3 Analyze the problem using ethics theories or approaches step 4 Explore the practical alternatives step 5 act. step 6 evaluate the process and outcome. You will be able to see the video at , go to “resources” click on videos. you may have to move screen over to the left to see it. Name of video / Chasing zero, winning the war on health care. Again, using the video but also your own knowledge on this , per teacher. She is looking for a good heading and a good ending.

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